How can I get on your list? or Why don’t you have X on your list?

Two of the most common questions are: “how can I get on your [Let’s Player/Games to Play] list?” and “Why don’t you have X on your list?”

For Let’s Players, you have to play indie games. Not constantly, but do note that we avoid picking videos that are older than a couple weeks and we will only front-page videos of indie games. What constitutes indie games? We’ll have to take that on a case by case basis, but rest-assured that if you play indie games you are more than welcome here. You can submit your information to us via this form and we’ll get you approved and added to the list ASAP.

Now, for the Games to Play section we’re very lenient. Obviously we want to promote indie games and that’s where we’re focused, but we’re not going to turn away any non-indie authorizations. So, in a future update update we will have either a way to differentiate the two or a separate page. Either way, if you want to get on the list you can submit your information via this form and we’ll get it approved and added.

This is a community effort though. We work full time jobs (or are tending to children while others are working a full time job), so we need assistance. If you want a game on the list, reach out to us and we can contact them or feel free to send the developers our way (on Twitter at @bealssoftware, to the links above or even to this blog post). The same goes for let’s players! Our main goal for this site is to provide a resource for developers (let’s players), let’s players (games to play), indie gamers (indie games) and viewers (indie let’s plays), but we need your help to really make it grow!

Thanks for all the help you’ve all provided so far!


Internal site design change and game/LPer cards

So, a little background information first. Our initial design was kind of thrown together – I had an idea for a site, so I took our existing design for and modified it for my needs. The initial design was focused on one goal: create a place to show our let’s plays and possibly those made by other let’s players. For this, I simply threw together a design where I could put a video in and the site would show them based on the date.

Then the idea came to create a list of other let’s players so that 1) we would have it readily available when we needed to find some people to play our games and 2) other developers would have the resource available to them and 3) it’d help bring attention to the let’s players. Luckily this didn’t require any major changes – add a way to differentiate us from them and stuff them in the user table with everyone else.

Then came my failure – it takes a lot more time than you’d think to simply render a let’s play, let alone all of the steps required to produce clean content:

  1. Record video and commentary
  2. Separate game audio
  3. Edit audio tracks
  4. Sync up audio and video
  5. Edit items as a whole
  6. Render video

Then you have a whole separate beast to deal with: uploading to YouTube and “putting it out there” (tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) I barely had enough time to program before and now all of my time was being taken up creating let’s plays. So, when it came time to push out the prototype for Lord Sen’s Battle Arena, I just couldn’t produce the let’s plays. I was able to produce about three a week for the first two weeks and then I dropped off. At this point a lightbulb went off: there are already tons of other people out there producing this content, so why not just focus on their content while working on the prototype. No changes were necessary for this (luckily) and we moved forward.

Then another lightbulb went off: I plan on creating an authorization page for our games, letting let’s players know that they can create videos/streams of our games and that they can monetize them. I’m sure that other developers have had the same idea. So, why not create a page on our site that is dedicated to that? So, I very quickly whipped together a page and got that all out. With the help of some great people on Twitter (@DarkestKale and @SexyVinceLP for example) we’ve been able to populate both of these pages.

WELL, the time has come to change the internal design to be more stable and more well-rounded. Currently our set up is ‘game’ which represents a let’s play. We’re going to split this into game and letsplay; instead of entering information about the lets play itself, we’re going to create an entry for a game (same Rogue Legacy) and then we can tie many let’s plays to that game. We don’t have to worry about typos in titles, developers or websites and it will allow for us to tie features to games instead of just let’s plays.

This leads us to our first new features: game card widgets. This one is aimed at developers – basically its a widget kind of like the Twitter widget that shows a list of the last X let’s plays that were shown on our site for a game. So, Cell Door Games could put the widget wherever and have a display showing recent let’s plays of Rogue Legacy. This is still in the works, there are a few things that still need to be tested. For an example though, here is what Home’s game card will look like: .

Obviously, this works in reverse as well, hence our second new features: Let’s Player cards. This works the same way – it lists the last X number of LPs that have been shown on our site for a let’s player. For example, here is Sexy Vince’s LPer Card: .

You can view the other upcoming features for the site on it’s roadmap:

Is this the kind of features you’d like to see added to or do you have any suggestions? Let us know!

Introductions are in order!

Hi all and welcome to our first blog post for!

The whole idea behind the site is to bring together let’s players who play indie games and the developers who make them. So, we’ll be posting about the features of the site as we’re working on them here and you’ll have the opportunity to give us your input! We want to point out from the very start: this site is first and foremost about the let’s players and the games. So, if you have any input, suggestions, complaints, etc then please say so. We want this site to help promote let’s players and indie developers, so if we’re doing something that is impeding that or not doing something that we should, then we need to know.

Who are we? Well, we’re gamers, let’s players and developers. Our initial crew hails from Beals Software, but we’re also going to be trying to bring in some others to help keep the site fresh and focused. There will be a dedicated crew eventually, but for the time being you’ll mostly be stuck with myself (Donny Beals.) If I need a vacation I’ll find someone to do a guest segment (or you’ll get two community videos a day if I can’t find anyone.)

Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye peeled for our upcoming features!