New format coming soon

First off, we apologize for the lack of features since December. Unfortunately we don’t have any sort of excuse, let alone a good one. Things were quite busy and I was too lazy to click a few buttons.

Now on to the heart of the matter: we are changing the overall format of Let’s Play Indie Games. The original idea was to give coverage to both Let’s Players and Indie Developers at the same time (ourselves included.) This has been working quite well so far, but I can see the drag in some and completely understand it. You post a video (or 30), but still get skipped over by the RNG deities and your video doesn’t get featured (or you forgot to submit the game for the video and so the algorithm completely excluded your submissions.)

This is leading to a huge downward spiral (honestly, we’re already there.) Currently we have 4 or 5 users submitting their videos on a regular basis and there are already 100+ videos that haven’t been featured. My point being, we are, and always will be, behind; if 5 users each submitted a video a day, that’s 15 videos each week that aren’t being featured.

The first thought that came to mind: feature more videos each day. Spread out enough, we could feature 10 or more videos a day. However, that requires a lot of work on our end and while we’re not totally opposed to that, it takes time away from our other duties (like development and making our own videos.) This still wouldn’t resolve the issue once the user base expands and it also hinders the current one: in a few days or weeks we’d probably run out of videos to feature.

The route we’re currently working on following is to not pick videos to feature. Instead, we’ll be tweeting every video submitted or to possibly group them. However, we’re not quite sure of the full process for this yet. Regardless of the route we choose, due to the large volume of tweets this change will cause, we’ll be utilizing the lpindiegames twitter account once the new site has been completely launched (the BealsSoftware twitter account will continue to tweet videos, just not on a regular basis.)

Not to worry – feel free to continuing to submit videos. We will be slowly rolling out the tweets over the couple weeks after the new site goes live, including any video that hadn’t been featured yet.

This site is as much for you guys as it is for us, so if you have any input, suggestions or questions, please let us know. The aim of the site is to help let’s players and indie developers get their work more coverage, so your input is very much appreciated.


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