New update posted

It’s a little earlier than I wanted, but some of the hardier features I was hoping to add are going to take a little bit of time (or may not be possible.) So, in the meantime we’ve posted a version. Here are the changes:

  • Added support for multiple games on a video
  • Updated games page to show a link to a game’s videos
  • Updated let’s player page to use the primary color for article and video count labels
  • Updated let’s player page to allow users to click the article and video count labels to view a user’s content
  • Changed articles module to use user-id instead of user in the URL (now matches videos.)
  • Added a filter to ignore messages with invalid records
  • Updated the Help
  • Updated the FAQs
  • Clicking a video on the homepage takes you to the LPIG entry rather than the YouTube page.
  • Added Title and Description to video page
  • Added page My Unlisted Videos to show you which videos you have not posted to LPIG

Now, to address some of the other features that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

There are still a few items on the list that I want to complete, but that will be all for now probably. I don’t want to add too much without proper testing.

As always, if you have any issues, suggestions, etc then let us know either here or on Twitter (@bealssoftware or @Programmer16 will yield the quickest response.)



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