Spotlights returning and upcoming stuff

First off – if you’ve sent a message to us through the site’s page over the past couple months we probably have not received it. There was a bug with the site that was causing them to fail to save properly, but I believe we have that resolved now. All else fails, please feel free to contact us here or via Twitter (@Programmer16 / @BealsSoftware.)

We’ve finally resolved the issue with our daily picker, so the daily spotlights will be returning and will be pulled every weekday around 5pm EST.

I am currently working on resolving issues with our email – notifications refuse to go out when I put the site into production. Once I have that resolved, we’ll start sending out the daily pick emails as well as the weekly review emails. You’ll also be able to subscribe to games, so that you’ll receive an email when a LPer uploads a video for that game.

Now, time for me to go make today’s picks!


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