Outage until version 4.0

Many apologies for going MIA last week, I (Donny) normally handle the Let’s Play Indie Games website (mainly due to the fact that there is no backend, so it’s direct database interactions) and my time was entirely taken up by my day job and trying to thaw out my home’s frozen water pipes.

We are not going to be posting any more let’s plays until version 4.0 of the site is up, but that shouldn’t be too long as at the moment it is my main focus here at Beals Software. The main reason for this is that the entire database structure for version 4.0 is different, so I’m going to have to enter everything by hand; every new let’s play that we post is more work for me to do before the new site can go up.

A lot of you may be wondering what is taking so long. Well, as I said it is an entirely new database as well as a new framework. Obviously, this also means that bealssoftware.com is also going to be upgraded to the new version. Then there is the fact that I’m also working on another project, which all need to tie in together.

Anyway, some time this week you’ll see the launch of the new Beals Software site, the new Let’s Play Indie Games site and (possibly) the new project. Once the new Let’s Play Indie Games site is up you’ll be able to manage your profile, submit let’s plays and use the let’s play card features. Better yet, the system will manage the let’s play selection every day, so we’ll at least always have the community let’s plays up. Best of all, this’ll clear up my time to get more let’s plays and game development done.

Anyway, that’s enough blathering – back to development. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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