Community Input Request – Submission?

We wrote previous about our upcoming feature, the game card and LPer card. We’ve come to realize that while the current set up wouldn’t be bad for the Let’s Players, it’s not quite as useful for the devs as I was hoping. Mainly, it will only list let’s plays we’ve posted, this will be a pretty small list (especially since we try not to feature the same game more than once in a week.)

So, the option we’re contemplating is more user-controlled – developers will submit their games and let’s players will submit their videos. If a let’s player wants to submit a video of a game that isn’t in the system, they’ll have the opportunity to submit the info for the game (title and developer) and we’ll verify the game and add it during processing.

This will also provide a more automated and more fair system. If a user has not had their video front-paged, then they will be chosen before anyone else. There also won’t be any worry about favoritism as the system can randomly select a video to be front-paged.

Obviously the site is moving towards a more automated system anyway – we don’t have the time or resources to do development at Beals Software and handle all of the LP stuff at We also can’t afford to hire anyone to take it over at the moment, so it’s going to have to be this or something else (any suggestions are welcome!)

We’d like to keep this site going and make it useful to all three groups of the Let’s Play members so if you have any input, please let us know!


After re-reading that, I’d like to clarify what we mean: currently we use code to randomly select a Let’s Player from the system and then we review their videos and select one to put on the front-page. With the proposed change, you would submit all of the let’s plays that you make (of indie games), we would review them (to ensure that they are indeed indie games, see if we need to add the developers to our Games to Play wall, etc) and then the system would randomly select one video each day to put on the front page.


2 thoughts on “Community Input Request – Submission?

  1. I can dig that. It would help network indie devs too, and having a good hub for both dev and LPer would help both. I’m happy to manually submit videos if it means a more streamlined process.

    • Thanks Jim! This seems to be the general consensus so far. Our biggest concern is that we would not receive any submissions, but in the end it will (hopefully) be for the better. We can supplement until submissions come in though. We’ll just give user submitted content priority, since they deserve it.

      Thanks again! We really appreciate the input!

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